Project Phases

Every project is unique. Nevertheless, projects usually go through definite and describable phases:

1. Breaking the ice


Medical Writing ServicesThe most important thing before kicking-off the project is: getting to know each other. This makes communication and coordination during our work much easier.
During the initial meeting we jointly find out your needs. Please, feel free to contact me to arrange an appointment! Needless to say, the first meeting is solely for your information only and is of course free of charge.

2. Analysis of needs


Before preparing the project cost estimate I need some information:

1. Which kind of texts do you need?

2. Target agreement and definition of landmarks. Who are the responsible persons?

3. What are the timelines? How much literature research is required? Is the material complete and well organized? How extensive is the material? Are there any documents and records already present? Is it possible to work modularly?

4. Are there any company SOPs or templates?

5. How many correction cycles presumably are required (mainly depends on the number of internal and external participants of the project).

6. Who is responsible for the final layout and print?

7. The crucial question: when is the deadline?


3. Offer


After the initial briefing you will receive a written offer within a few days. In this offer all discussed and open issues will be further elaborated. For long-term projects I additionally create a project time schedule and/or document synopsis.

If I meet your timelines and budget constraints and if you do not have any change requests, just sign the offer and send it back to me.

4. Realisation


During the first phase of the project I create a draft version. You will then receive this draft version for error checking and correction. As soon as I received the change requests from all responsible persons, I will revise the draft into the final document.

5. Final step


Finally, after you have given your written approval I will send you the invoice.